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Fri, Mar. 14th, 2008, 11:12 am
kneescar: Dear Uncle Steve:

Ok, you said not to call you that, sorry.
Dear Mr. Jobs;
  Although not quite geeky enough, I have made my best effort to live my life as a good Apple inc. Pilgrim.
  We have the beloved iMac in our bedroom, the powerhouse and tragically underutilized dual G5 Power Mac in the attic, and the fun and enthusiastic Mac Mini connected to the TV in the living room.  In addition, I am the proud owner and daily user of the 5.5th generation iPod 30 gig, and an iPod shuffle.  One of the teenagers in our household had the audacity to ask for a 16 gig iPod Touch for Christmas, and he prevailed.  I even purchased the family pack of iWork 06 just a month before iWork '08 came out thank you very much.  Please don't condemn me for failing to upgrade to Leopard and failing to buy your new Time Capsule offering, but work has been slow and the gas bills are killing me!  
     I'm not telling you all of this to waste your time lord Mr Jobs, and I'm not suggesting that you owe me anything.  I just thought that you might like to know that one of your recently converted faithful (me) had a very bad user experience last night.  You see the boys had their third annual hook up 7 televisions and 7 xBoxes and invite all of your friends over to drink Mountain Dew and talk trash while simulating blowing shit up and generally being loud and boisterous for 18 hours Halo Party to celebrate their birthday.  Their mother did us the favor of hanging out, making brownies and learning a variety of new curse words from these 31 boys.  At some point one of the 31 darlings swiped her iPod Nano.  The nameless sticky fingered, so and so was kind enough to leave her pink leather case and headphones behind, but even after the boys went all TSA agent on their friends and turned out all of their pockets, the diminutive device never appeared.  On Monday, my ever generous Hubby made a grand gesture of restitution and ordered an engraved pink iPod Nano to replace the plain silver one that grew legs Saturday night. 
     I must commend you Uncle Steve Mr. Jobs on the speed and grace at which your sweatshops can crank out these products.  It's simply amazing that the elegant electronic item arrived at our house by Thursday afternoon.  Good job!  Before handing it off, we wanted to put some music on it.  This is where the unpleasant user experience began.  The mac mini recognized the pink iPod and even knew that it was pink (which is why I didn't plug it into the iMac) To begin with, opening up iTunes revealed a completely empty library.  On Christmas day, we had transferred about half of my library to the mini for David (iPod touch recipient) to use, and then proceed to rip a dozen Cd's into the Mini to support the iPod touch.  So I know there was music on there. I plugged in the USB backup drive that might have been the final destination of all of the music files.. Nope!  I did find that the music was still in the "iTunes Music" folder, so there was hope.  I did a little digging and found that the iTunes library had been created on March 9th; not December 25th.  I found a folder marked "old iTunes libraries," and double clicked it.  Bingo! The music was back.  This is where the real fun began! 
First: The system hung up while trying to copy files to the pink iPod and I had to stop it.
Second: The library (xml) file that I found and activated could not be found again.  The file was there, but opening it left me with a blank library inside of the iTunes application.  After several reboots and power downs, I started to lose USB devices.  The computer never recognized the iPod when I plugged it in!  I used the disk utility to very permissions and discovered lots of issues.  I had to seek and import all of the music (which you can't do if  the music is already located IN the iTunes music folder) By that time, the ceaselessly babbling happy new iPod owner was at the house and needed a ride. On top of that, we were cutting into the "Survivor" time slot, which meant that I needed to get out of the house, or at least off of the first floor.  So the great product design and speedy shipping were overshadowed by the severe disappointment of receiving an empty iPod and suffering through yet another visit! 

I just though you'd like to know.